Background Checks

Tiffany and Nalaboff Investigations provides background information on prospective business associates, contractors, healthcare providers, debtors, employees or any individual or businesses.

We offer traditional background checks where the subject is unaware that an investigation is being conducted. Pre-employment background checks require a signed authorization.

Please Click Here for the background authorization form.


We offer customized pre-employment background checks compliant with state laws. We give peace of mind when employers are making hiring decisions. Authorizations forms are required for this type of investigation. Click HERE for an authorization form.

Business Associates

We investigate litigation, business affiliations, judgments and liens, sexual offender records, licenses, corporate filings, real property, address histories, and proprietary sources.


We will check for licenses, bonds, liens, judgments, malpractice, worker’s compensation insurance, and litigation records.


We are able to determine if your subject has multiple liens and judgments already filed. We check litigation records and lis pendens.

Social Media

We review public Internet posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

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